Evergreen Tree Kratom Review

Evergreen Tree Kratom brings top-quality kratom in the pure form right from the farmers of Indonesia. The kratom is then in a different area of Las Vegas, Nevada where the vendor resides.

People usually think of an authentic place and reliable products from online shopping for kratom. Evergreen Kratom is known to be among the biggest vendors of kratom products mainly in powder and capsule form.

Evergreen Tree Kratom sell kratom in pure form which can be achieved through filtration, removing stem and veins.

The testing phase at Evergreen Tree Kratom is amazingly maintained with three important types that ensure the proper quality of kratom and user health.

The vendor looks after the farmers who are involved in from the seeding and the processes till the harvesting of kratom.


Kratom capsules which are offered at Evergreen Tree are filled with naturally produced raw kratom powder in the quantity of 500 mg with no animal material and preservatives because the capsules are fully veggie. The capsules are packed in pharma grade, food and drug accommodating bottles which are securely sealed.

Whenever a customer gets this bottle, they will witness its freshness and seal which is opened by the first time. The number of capsules available in the bottles is from 100, 400 to 800 which depends on your requirement.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder sold at Evergreen Tree is a pure and unwanted part of it is taken out before such as veins and stem. This kratom powder is all-natural and no preservatives are added to it to enhance its flavor or lifetime. This powder is packed into customized jars for the purpose of keeping the freshness and maintain the quality of kratom. The bottles containing kratom powder are available in the sizes of 100, 500, to 100 grams.

The best selling kratom powder at their store is Maeng Da in different colored strains. Moreover, people can also find variety in Super Red Kratom.

People can also get their kratom variety sampler pack in different kratom strains to get the trial before ordering the product in bulk.


Wholesale Option

Kratom offered at Evergreen Tree is also available for wholesale as well as retail. For wholesale option, Evergreen Tree provides per kg kratom powder at $30 to $50 and per kilo, capsules are accessible at $75 to $100.

If you are a local seller and wants to sell these products to others then you can access these products in specified jars with your own name tags.

What about discounts and offers?

Kratom lovers can get their products from Evergreen Tree and astonishingly, at attractive discounts and rewards. If you are buying kratom for the first time, then you can get 20 percent off by applying the code firsttime20 at the time of checkout. By creating an account on their website and subscribing to their account, you can get an exclusive discount of 15 percent by applying email15.

Other discounts involve a specific amount of purchase to get the offers. If you register through their affiliate program, then they will support you from the start.