Way to enhance the taste of Kratom tea

Kratom tea is one of the most popular and likable methods to ingest Kratom. It is the easiest as well as the affordable means to enjoy the best effects of Kratom. There are several ways to improve the taste of Kratom tea. Some people like sweet tea and some feel that the feeling of Kratom with tea is bitter and acidic. To enhance your Kratom tea taste, you can adopt any one of the following methods:


Methods to enhance the taste of Kratom tea:

  • Addition of lemon juice in Kratom tea is the best way to enhance the flavor of Kratom tea. Lemon absorbs the alkaloids and helps Kratom to give you the best effects. You need to squeeze the juice of the half lemon in your Kratom tea. You lemon is unavailable then you can use citric acid or lime juice. These two can also give the same effects.
  • Adding sugar in Kratom can also help to improve the taste of Kratom tea. It will make the tea sweet, and you will feel comfortable to drink it. Otherwise, the bitterness of Kratom makes it difficult for some people to swallow it.
  • You can improve the taste of Kratom tea by adding flavors of different kind of juices. For this purpose, orange juice is the best choice. Orange juice will make your drink much tastier. If you do not like orange juice, then you can get the strawberry flavor or pineapple flavor. Addition of flavors depends upon your choice and taste.
  • To make your tea smell better, you can add rose water in it. It will give the best fragrance. Lavender oil can also be added for this purpose. Addition of hibiscus oil is not a bad option as well. They all can give you the most beautiful fragrance, and you will love your tea.

The flavor of Kratom tea:

The flavor of Kratom tea is not that much worse. It is bearable. But if you will use any one of the above methods, then your Kratom tea will be much better in the taste.


How to strain Kratom tea?

After making Kratom tea, there will be some leftover which should be strained. The leftover can be strained by using cheesecloth. If cheesecloth is unavailable, then you can use any similar material.

If cheesecloth or any similar material is unavailable, then a filter is the best option. It will help to strain the leftover easily and quickly.


Kratom is an incredible herb. It will give unremarkable and excellent effects. Kratom can be ingested in many ways, but the best way to take it in is making Kratom tea. Kratom tea is better in the taste. But some people still feel that Kratom tea is still a bit bitter. To avoid this bitterness, you can add different enhancements to improve the taste of Kratom. If you are also not using Kratom because of its bitter taste, then now your problem has been solved. You can now enjoy the best taste of Kratom tea.