Where to buy modafinil and the best vendors of modafinil

There are quite a number of vendors who sell modafinil where you can purchase from but not all of those vendors are reliable. Check more at modafinilonline.org . Some of these vendors might ship adrafinil pills or caffeine pills then claim such are modafinil. Therefore, where looking to purchase this modafinil from vendors there are some three very important factors to consider. They include:

l Service

This refers to how well you are responded to by customer service, the much time it consumes to be served as well as reply accuracy among other factors. The payment method also lies here. There are some vendors who will work only with bitcoin and others accept even PayPal and credit cards.

l Shipping

Most of the vendors of modafinil offer free shipping express so as to make you get the product ordered as fast as possible. In addition, they also offer to send you a replacement of your package in case it is seized by customs or lost while shipping.

l Value

How less expensive are these pills? One tablet of modafinil 200mg goes for approximately $1. There are those stores which sell it below $1 per tablet. Most of the stores offer discounts on the sales such that you can even purchase a tablet at $0.80.

With the above considerations put in place, below are among the best vendors to purchase modafinil from:

Duck dose

This is an online store selling modafinil and armodafinil. These two are more of the same with the difference in their superiority. Armodafinil is quite superior and compared to modafinil it requires lesser dosage and comes with less side effects. Duck dose vendor sells the two at $0.85 per tablet 200mg. the vendor offers free shipping express, payments can be done with credit card and also offers a refund fully of the order if at all it’s seized by customs.

Afinil express

Online store where you can get modafinil in its both brands which are modvigil and modalert. The store also sells armodafinil in its two brands which are artvigil and waklert. After purchasing from their site, shipping is free therefore no need to worry and you can get the biggest discount if you pay using bitcoin. The product is sold at $0.80 and when you purchase using bitcoin you can get a discount of 20% translating to you buying the product at $0.64.


Another known great modafinil vendor is modafinilstar which is among the best stores to purchase the pill. The store sells modafinil, waklert and modalert. The vendor as well offers free shipping of the product to almost all countries including United Kingdom, Australia and United States. If you pay using bitcoin a discount of 7% is attracted and for repeat customers there is a possibility of eraning extra 10% off. Free reshipment is guaranteed if order gets seized. The vendor sells the tablet at $0.89 per 200mg tablet.